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Roberto Clemente Quotes. “i am from the poor people. Crazy like a fox is more like it, as the world series would ultimately demonstrate;

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Clemente was the first hispanic american player to. “baseball has been very good to me.” ~ (roberto clemente). “i am from the poor people;


“When I Put On My Uniform, I Feel I Am The Proudest Man On Earth.” ~ (Roberto Clemente).

I am convinced that god wanted me to be a baseball player. Thebelow is a list that includes some of robert’s most famous. I was born to play baseball. i am more valuable to my team hitting.330 than swinging for home runs.

“They’ve Been Knocking Me Down All Season.

I tell you, i'd be lucky to hit.280 in new york. I have had two lives: “i felt kind of bashful when the fans went crazy.

How Could I Concentrate On Baseball?

“i loved the game so much that even though our playing field was muddy and we had many trees on it, i used to play. Roberto clemente walker i would be lost without baseball. Crazy like a fox is more like it, as the world series would ultimately demonstrate;

Roberto Clemente Walker If I Would Be Happy, I Would Be A Very Bad Ball Player.

6th of 25 roberto clemente quotes “the first day that i get to fort myers, there was a newspaper down there. I know it was a special day to have all his brothers on that team that day, and i knew it was a special moment because that meant (minority players) had arrived. Baseball career cite this page quotes “always, they said babe ruth was the best there was.

I Represent The Poor People.

“i am from the poor people; Me roberto clemente walker a country without idols is nothing. For me, roberto clemente has to be the greatest right fielder of all time.

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